of the Czech scenarist
and writer Jan Kameníček

Jan Kameníček (born 1955) originally studied cello at the Prague Conservatory, he worked briefly in the Czech radio and since 1980 he is a freelancer. From 1978 he has written biographical stories and radio plays, also understood as biographical stories. He is also author and co-author of one-man theater, radio and television stories, music scenarios. His first prose have circulated in samizdat literature.

Early Works of Jan Kameníček were known on the radio, respectively. television environment in which the young author got the name as the creator of biographical tuned creations. Shortly before 1989 he also penetrated into the Czech literary present, when he debuted – again biographical – a remarkable book, “Requiem for a teacher of Bach.” He focused in on the final part of life of brilliant German composer.

The author’s story “The House” can be characterized as a parable stylized model of the contemporary world. The book has the human spirit and absurd mechanism of power close to the Kafka’s literary style. The heroes of the story submit to doubtful, trustworthy and uncertain power (which does not cause nor respect, nor hasn’t actual power), to which they feel tremendous fear mixed with humility. In today’s modern world, the phenomenon of totalitarianism is not just a symbol of Nazism or Communism, but also the leitmotif of developments that we have first-hand experience of.

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